Daily post 6

This week project wonder was busy. I found that there were two more versions of my dad’s book that my dad gave me. I found a preview to the book and it had ninja stars in it. The problem was that the sticky notes I had were 3 by 3 inches but they should be 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches. I fixed the problem by cutting the paper to size and I am working on putting it together. Next week I will share a picture of the finished copy.

Daily Post 5

This week I made a paper clip dart and modified it. I made a safe dart in which the tip is a paper clip and a pencil eraser. To keep the dart and the paper clip together there is an interesting way to fold it into a square to make it look like fletchings. Josh and I modified the fletchings; we tried putting paper airplanes to help make it aerodynamic. It made it better and we perfected our darts.