daily blog 4

This week people shared their projects and they were interesting. Caleb, Alexandra, and Cassie shared their projects and said how they made them and their purposes. I liked Caleb’s because he put a picture next to his lego pyramid and he worked on his pyramid till it was done. I also made I paper clip launcher from my dad’s books. The launcher is really cool, it is made out of a clothespin and a rubber band as you can see here.

daily post 3

This week I learned and failed while working on my project trebuchet. I was trying to poke 2 holes for string to go through and I cut them too big. So, I tied the knot really tight so it won’t come loose. I learned to be more careful and take my time. In conclusion, if I go slow and be cautious it turns out better.


Daily blog 2

I am reading 2 books for independent reading Fever Code by James Dashner and the Wild Robot by Peter Brown. Fever code is part of a series called The Maze Runner and fever code explains how the maze and how everything was made. There was a virus called the flare and it is wiping out the human race. I have been working on my trebuchet I learned that pouch design is to big and releases the marble late but it got like 2 feet where before the marble just falls out. I am going to get a stiffer material so it is not so flimsy. I made a map for our ancient civilization an after we finish that we are making one for our utopia.

Daily Blog 1

I am working on a trebuchet in class as my project. Right now I am making a new model pouch for the marble when I am launching it because keeps falling out. The book I am reading is The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and I just started it, in the future I will explain what is happening. We have a banner that says ”Project Wonder Believes in Change” because if we fail it can always change. I also finished my flag for my civilization and the paragraph for what it means. For example, I of my colors is green it means nature and growth.