This week we made a digital portfolio to keep track of the units we did and what levels we did. It is also used for the teachers, so they can grade is based on the work we have done. It was challenging because I did all my work on paper, so I had to take pictures, upload them, and then add a link to the address. It is useful because after all the work you can browse through and see all the work you did the years you were in project wonder.


Last week in project wonder we made Rube Goldberg machines to test our creativity and how effectively we work in groups. The class room is divided up by tables there are 7 tables and 6 students at a table. We had 30 minutes to complete this task. Each table was supposed to make a Rube Goldberg machine (sort of like a domino effect but with more than dominoes) that would make a role of masking tape role 1 foot. My table came up with the idea of a marble rolling down a ruler to hit a Lego hammer to knock over books to hit the tape off the table and spill a bunch if uncooked Lima beans. It was difficult to make everything in 20 minutes since we spent 5 minutes on planning and a another 5 to get materials, it was also challenging to make it 3-5 actions long without failing. I started the marble but the books hit the tape it would roll but miss the beans.

Daily post 6

This week project wonder was busy. I found that there were two more versions of my dad’s book that my dad gave me. I found a preview to the book and it had ninja stars in it. The problem was that the sticky notes I had were 3 by 3 inches but they should be 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches. I fixed the problem by cutting the paper to size and I am working on putting it together. Next week I will share a picture of the finished copy.

Daily Post 5

This week I made a paper clip dart and modified it. I made a safe dart in which the tip is a paper clip and a pencil eraser. To keep the dart and the paper clip together there is an interesting way to fold it into a square to make it look like fletchings. Josh and I modified the fletchings; we tried putting paper airplanes to help make it aerodynamic. It made it better and we perfected our darts.

daily blog 4

This week people shared their projects and they were interesting. Caleb, Alexandra, and Cassie shared their projects and said how they made them and their purposes. I liked Caleb’s because he put a picture next to his lego pyramid and he worked on his pyramid till it was done. I also made I paper clip launcher from my dad’s books. The launcher is really cool, it is made out of a clothespin and a rubber band as you can see here.

daily post 3

This week I learned and failed while working on my project trebuchet. I was trying to poke 2 holes for string to go through and I cut them too big. So, I tied the knot really tight so it won’t come loose. I learned to be more careful and take my time. In conclusion, if I go slow and be cautious it turns out better.


Daily blog 2

I am reading 2 books for independent reading Fever Code by James Dashner and the Wild Robot by Peter Brown. Fever code is part of a series called The Maze Runner and fever code explains how the maze and how everything was made. There was a virus called the flare and it is wiping out the human race. I have been working on my trebuchet I learned that pouch design is to big and releases the marble late but it got like 2 feet where before the marble just falls out. I am going to get a stiffer material so it is not so flimsy. I made a map for our ancient civilization an after we finish that we are making one for our utopia.

Daily Blog 1

I am working on a trebuchet in class as my project. Right now I am making a new model pouch for the marble when I am launching it because keeps falling out. The book I am reading is The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and I just started it, in the future I will explain what is happening. We have a banner that says ”Project Wonder Believes in Change” because if we fail it can always change. I also finished my flag for my civilization and the paragraph for what it means. For example, I of my colors is green it means nature and growth.